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When is the game coming out?

The game will launch on August 8th, 2024, because we want to celebrate Cat's Day!

What is exactly El Jardinet dels Gats?

El Jardinet dels Gats is a nonprofit safe place in Barcelona. They take care of stray and abandoned cats and they do it in a respectful and caring way. You can check more in their webpage:

Can I play the game on my tablet?

Not yet, but that's one of our objectives if we exceed our first funding goal.You can check it out in the story page!

Will you attend special petitions?

We will listen to everthing you want to tell or ask us, we can't ensure we will be able to do it, but if there's anything you want to share, please do!You can contact us in

Can I put more than one cat in the game?

Yes, sure! You can collaborate as many times as you wish!


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