A slow gaming experience with a simple premise: Visit Barcelona. Find cats.

Una experiencia de juego zen con dos objetivos
muy simples: visita Barcelona, encuentra gatitos.

Una experiència de joc zen amb dos objectius
molt simples: visita Barcelona, troba gatets.

Detailed Barcelona architecture

Arquitectura de Barcelona a todo detalle

L'arquitectura de Barcelona plena de detalls

Incredible views of the city and six bulding interiors filled with cats.

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More than 300 hidden cats

Más de 300 gatos escondidos

Més de 300 gats amagats

Waiting for you to find them and bring them to the shelter. That's what the whole thing is about!

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Calm & charming game feel

Jugabilidad tranquila y agradable

Jugabilitat relaxada i agradable

Slow gaming zen experience. No rush, no stress. Just play.

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Custom Soundtrack

Banda sonora especialmente creada

Banda sonora creada especialment

Music is one of the best things in life. This game has custom made tracks to fit the experience.

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Tons of different languages

Muchisimos idiomas distintos

Moltes llengües diferents

We want to leave noone out, so our cats and the game speak every language!

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Solidarity & Awareness

Solidaridad y conciencia

Solidaritat i conciència

Cat shelters need our help, that's why 5% of the benefits go towards Jardinet dels gats, a wonderful shelter in Barcelona.

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A nice, calm and entertaining video game that mixes Barcelona's amazing architecture and lovely playful cats.


Project leader

A teacher, an almost physical therapist and, obviously, a day dreamer. She shares her life with Úrsula and Matilda, the lovely cats who started Catcelona. She dreams of becoming a doctor someday.


Art director, Illustrator

Born in Barcelona almost 40 years ago, he is a proud son of l’Eixample. He studied architecture but ended up painting boards, illustrating books and designing murals.
Art, animations and cats (that last one out of obligation) lover.


Reverse influencer

A ginger girl with messy hair and a camera who tries to survive as a primary school teacher in this never-ending adventure called life. She’s a dog owner, but nobody’s perfect.


Programmer, Media magician

Cursed with endless curiosity, Carlos likes to explore any path that he finds. Jack of all trades, master of none, but still better than master of one. Spends most of his hours creating all sorts of content. Can't choose between cats and dogs, would settle for a racoon.

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